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Prescription Equals Purpose

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July 25, 2023


Do you ever feel like you’re doing everything and accomplishing nothing?

I’m not sure about you, but life seems to be so busy lately. I get to the end of the day and I’m left questioning, what did I actually do today?

I was running around all day, working, having conversations, picking up my kids, running errands, meeting with people, checking things off the list, barely making time to eat lunch or dinner, or sit down… And it’s now 11pm and I still don’t feel like I’ve done one thing today that I actually set my mind to do or one thing that really had meaning.

I’m just tired of being tired.

And tired of feeling day in day out like the day is getting the best of me.

I know I can’t be alone.

The truth is, I’ve been here before. It’s human. We’ll all go through it. And it’s in seasons like this that I’m reminded of truths that I’ve told myself in similar seasons before.

And one of them is this: Prescription equals purpose.

When I prescribe meaning to my everyday decisions, routines, and rhythms–I actually get to walk in purpose.

When I define why it is what I do, I actually get to reap the benefits of my own behaviors.

THIS is why I do THIS behavior because it leads to THIS outcome.

THIS is why I cut out time for THIS thing because it leads to THIS outcome.

THIS is why I stay in contact with THIS person because it leads to THIS result.

When you understand the purpose behind the reasons why you do why you do, the mundane of life’s routines and rhythms breathe a new meaning.

I wake up before my kids get up in the morning because it gives me mental clarity and peace.

I make time to take phone calls from friends who live states away because it makes me feel like I’m not alone.

I prioritize grocery shopping because when I eat meals at home I actually feel like I’m taking care of myself.

I stay up late to talk with my spouse because our moments alone build intimacy in our relationship.

I lean into meetings because my colleagues will know just how much I care.

The truth is, our behaviors bear fruit with or without our permission. And when my life is bearing fruit that I’ve grown to become tired, confused, or frustrated by, it’s usually a telltale sign that I am living a life disconnected from my intentions.

Having intention is the art of prescribing meaning.

And prescribing meaning bears the fruit of purpose.

I hope this encourages you today. That if you’re feeling tired, worn out, or burdened by the everyday, that you would be reminded of the purpose that you walk in. It doesn’t have to be big, it doesn’t have to be some grandiose calling (though those are important, too). It’s sometimes the simple truths that give us the most peace. And my prayer is that your peace would be guided by purpose today.

Here for you always, church girl.

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